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Welcome to the World of Celtic Weddings!

If you are of a Celtic Heritage you will want to celebrate that heritage by being wed in a traditional Celtic Wedding Ceremony. This ceremony was created by the Reverend Dr. Aurore Leigh Barrett, a Celtic Scholar, who has taken the time to study some of the old customs, words, prayers, and history of the Celts. Loving the Celtic Liturgy, she has developed two different types of Wedding Ceremonies, one that is simple, yet beautiful in words and elements used.  The other more complex as it takes many parts of the old liturgy to form a new ceremony.

Please take the time to read through this web site and learn more about, not only your own Celtic Heritage, but also about other cultural customs that can make your wedding ceremony very unique and very personal.

The Celts were a rural people that lived close to the earth, to the stone and to water. Their worship included these elements, and the environment in which they lived shaped their beliefs. Their clan, their tribes, and their kinship were important as they were a very close-knit people. Warriors, they were a group to be reckoned with and their myths, legends, stories tell of their heroic deeds and wars. They had great imagination and were very artistic as the "The Book of Kells" shows so clearly.

In the Celtic Society the poet was highly regarded and so in our Celtic Wedding Ceremony we incorporate many Celtic prayers and poems, along with the elements of water, stone, and earth.

"Go forth and eat nothing until you get a
soul-friend, for anyone without a soul-friend is like
a body without a head; is like the water of a
polluted lake, neither good for drinking nor for washing.
That is the person without a soul-friend."

St. Brigit of Kildare

The Celtic World touches all, but remains totally unique, earthy and mysterious; full of poetry, song and celebration. The Celts saw the lasting effects of relationships of love that stand outside of time. They appreciated the ordinary life, and valued the routines of life. They worshipped God in the everyday work and in very ordinary chores. Their prayers and poetry reflect the beauty of what they saw in just living out their lives, thanking God for each moment.

Celtic Weddings
Las Vegas Celtic Weddings
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