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The Celtic Ceremony

Your Celtic Wedding begins when the bride is presented with a special Celtic bouquet of dark colored flowers. 

As the music of a Celtic Harp CD begins to play, the bride walks down the aisle, escorted or not, to meet her groom. At the altar the bride and groom stand side by side, groom always to the bride's right in order to keep his sword arm free, (an ancient custom which allowed the groom to stave off any challenges to his right to marry his bride).

The First Celtic Element is the water which is poured over the hands of the bride and groom. The water symbolizes the feminine.

The Second Celtic Element is the Standing Stone which the bride and groom hold. This represents male strength. 

The Third Celtic element is the Earth.

Now comes the exchange of the rings and the Handfasting Ceremony. A Celtic tradition which represents the reality of what marriage is truly about.

Following the Handfasting Ceremony, the bride and groom drink from the cup of "Anam Cara".

A Rose Ceremony follows and the final benediction is said.

The Wedding Ceremony ends with the Officiant pronouncing the couple husband and wife and they leave to the Gaelic celebration tune of "Meara's Wedding".

(If appropriate the "Presentation of the Tartan Sash" can be added to the ceremony.)

Celtic Weddings
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